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Volunteer Envoys

As AquaPaddle grows there is a need for locally based Envoys who help grow the AquaPaddle Community and support established Crews. They are AquaPaddle HQ’s local representative. They champion and protect what has been built by the local community, irrespective of any other club or group affiliations. 

Envoy Roles 

Area Envoys 

Area Envoys support the local Event Envoys across their area and help with the publicity and recruitment of local Event Envoys. They will also be the area representative for all AquaPaddle-BlueSpace activity. They will help guide the BlueSpace Envoys to source the partners for BlueSpace sessions and the organisations and communities that can benefit from the BlueSpace sessions. 

Event Envoys 

Event Envoys support the local AquaPaddle Crews in the delivery of the events. This includes the guidance and training for the Crews. They are a vital part of any new AquaPaddle being set up, as they have great local knowledge of the water scene (who’s who) in their area. They will build the relationships with the local clubs, both on the water and bankside. Such as working with the Canoeing Clubs and Angling Clubs. This will be in accordance with our launch process. They will be supported by the Area Envoys. 

BlueSpace Envoys 

BlueSpace is at the core of AquaPaddle. The BlueSpace Envoys work with the Area Envoys in setting up the local network of BlueSpace partners. They will also source the organisations and communities that would benefit from BlueSpace sessions. 

Photo Envoys 

These Envoys are responsible for the high-quality output of digital imagery of both AquaPaddle and AquaPaddle-BlueSpace events. 

Other Envoys 

  • Tech Support 
  • AquaPaddler Support 
  • Comms and social media  
  • Incident Support