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Management of Results and Crew 

AquaPaddle has built a comprehensive and simple to use system for managing both the results of the various events taking place as well as the Crew that run them. 

At the moment the guides are being written alongside the new feature development. We use Discord as our communications system that all Crew will have access to. This will enable all volunteers to get help from their Crewmates across the AquaPaddle Family. 

Management of Crew 

A central crew management system is currently being developed and will be rolled out later in the year. 

Result Editing and Deletion 

It is important for all AquaPaddlers to see their results easily and speedily after the event. Therefore, it is important that and Editing or Deletion of results is handled centrally by AquaPaddle HQ. 

There might be a need to remove an AquaPaddler’s results due to a breach of the code of conduct. It is better for AquaPaddle HQ to do this, than the Local Team. This will ensure that the issue will be logged, and any appeal dealt with centrally. It removes any pressure on the local AquaPaddle Crew. 

Before an incident requires the removal of results, there is a process of incident reporting and review.  

Incident Process 

If there is a rare breach of the code of conduct it is treated as an incident that requires logging (that is separate from the accident log). 

  1. The AquaPaddler concerned needs to be informed, in a polite manner of the breach. 
  2. If the issue is safety related and is ongoing, then the severity of the breach should be made abundantly clear. 
    • This could be to do with aggressive paddling, such as cutting up other paddlers.  
  3. If the paddler cannot be caught up to by the Marshals on the course, the AquaPaddler needs to be identified by the AP-Number and reported to the AquaPaddle Captain. 
  4. Once the AquaPaddler concerned crosses the Finishing Line. The AquaPaddle Captain will discuss the issue with the Marshal and AquaPaddler. 
  5. If the AquaPaddle Captain feels that an official warning is needed, this will be registered in the incident log.  
    • Most of the time, an explanation of the code of conduct and the breach involved is all that is needed.  
    • Better to educate and inform than sanction. 
  6. If the AquaPaddler does not improve their behaviour and another incident occurs, the AquaPaddle Captain must escalate the issue to AquaPaddle HQ via the reporting system. 
    • The AquaPaddler should be informed of the Escalation. 
  7. AquaPaddle HQ will then take over the process from the Local Crew. 
  8. HQ will talk to all parties concerned and hopefully resolve the issue. 
  9. The final sanction is to remove the result from the records. 
  10. If the behaviour continues, the AquaPaddlers AP-Number will be blocked from the AquaPaddler Timer.  

If there is an admin error, these can be handled before the results are posted to the System. After that, any admin issues will have to be dealt with my AquaPaddle HQ.