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Safe, Repeatable and Reliable

By having straightforward guidelines for each AquaPaddle, we can keep them safe for all users.  

At the heart of all AquaPaddles is the community and that we look after each other.  

The Paddle is more important than the time. This is our mantra. If someone falls in the water near you, stop and help them back on their board or craft. 

The Basic Safety Guidance 

The safety of all AquaPaddlers is the primary concern for the event team and other participants.  

Below are the main items that must be provided 

  1. Public liability Insurance for all AquaPaddle Even (provided by Aquapaddle HQ) 
  1. First Aid Kits at each AquaPaddle 
  1. A First Aider where possible on the event team 
  1. An AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) at each AquaPaddle 
  1. Course check on the day before AquaPaddle Start 
  1. Sweeper Marshal at all events – follows the last AquaPaddler home 
  1. Incident tracking and review for all AquaPaddles 
  1. Regular safety updates for all volunteers 
  1. Annual risk assessment review of every AquaPaddle location 
  1. Regular Water Rescue refresher training for all Marshals and Volunteers