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The aim of AquaPaddle is to encourage people to be the best they can be. To this end we give AquaPaddlers the recognition they deserve for their hard work and dedication including the support they have given to ensuring that AquaPaddle is the great community that it is. 

We have set-up distinct groups of AquaPaddlers who have reached the same level and encourage each other to go at and reach the next level. 

The groups are: 

  • 25 Club (anyone who has completed 25 AquaPaddles)  
  • 50 Club (anyone who has completed 50 AquaPaddles)  
  • 100 Club (anyone who has completed 100 AquaPaddles)  
  • 250 Club (anyone who has completed 250 AquaPaddles)  
  • 500 Club (anyone who has completed 500 AquaPaddles) 

For Volunteers or Crew, as we like to think of them, we have the: 

  • C25 Club (anyone who has crewed at 25 different AquaPaddles)  
  • C50 Club (anyone who has crewed at 50 different AquaPaddles)  
  • C100 Club (anyone who has crewed at 100 different AquaPaddles)  
  • C250 Club (anyone who has crewed at 250 different AquaPaddles)  
  • C500 Club (anyone who has crewed at 500 different AquaPaddles) 

Once you have achieved the level, you can log in to your profile and order a T-Shirt.