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AquaPaddler Numbers

The AquaPaddler Number, or AP-Number for short, is a unique Alpha-numeric code for each AquaPaddler which is assigned on initial registration. It is how we can identify each paddler as they come up to the finish line. You will use the same number regardless of which AquaPaddle you attend across the country. However, you must have it for each Aquapaddle in order to participate. No AP-Number, no time, no exception. Without the number the AquaPaddler cannot be given credit for attending or a time for the event.  

This policy is fundamental to all AquaPaddles and ensures that we know who is out on the water. We also have access to their personal details including Emergency Contact numbers.  

You can print off your AP-Number and attach it to your shirt or buoyancy aid. Even better, you can buy an AquaPaddle shirt with your Unique AP-Number on in several locations, which allows the AP-Number to be easily seen from any angle. Having the number visible from a distance gives the volunteer teams the ability to know who someone is from a distance. This means it is important not to obscure the number and to make sure it can be seen by the volunteers as the AquaPaddler crosses the line, so that the AquaPaddler’s time can be recorded accurately.