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Photography / Video Policy 

Paddle sports over the years have produced some amazing images of people having fun. It is a great way to engage with people looking to find a way to get fit and help the environment. It is also a wonderful way to share paddlers successes with a greater community. 

AquaPaddle is building a great following across social media, and it is important that unlike a small local club AquaPaddle needs to be aware of the wider audience. Once a picture is shared, even in a closed group of friends, there is a good chance it can escape into the wider world. We have all heard the stories of inappropriate images being shared and people getting into trouble or losing their jobs. 

Images can be used for good and bad (bullying, grooming, locating, and trolling), and you can’t stop it. So, it is always best to be careful when taking photos or video. 

Crew photographers are encouraged to record the AquaPaddles they attend. We request that they respect the AquaPaddle photography and video policy as outlined below:  

  • Individuals should only be identified if they are happy for that to happen.  
  • Where possible images of children should be kept to a minimum and their name should not be used.  
  • Only use images of people wearing the correct safety equipment and in suitable clothing. Also, do not take any of people getting changed.  
  • Ideally, photographs should represent a broad range of people participating. 
  • Please do not use images of children in school uniform, or any other items of clothing that could identify where they live.  
  • Images that are published or shared should positively reflect people’s involvement in AquaPaddle.  
  • If an individual asks for any published image to be removed, it should be done without question at the earliest opportunity. If they are on any of AquaPaddles social media or website, then AquaPaddle HQ needs to be contacted at [email protected] 

It is not possible for individuals to opt-out of being photographed or videoed on an AquaPaddle. For this reason, all event-specific websites state that photographing or videoing will be taking place. If AquaPaddle Crews know in advance that additional photography or videoing is going to take place they should alert people to this beforehand via social media and the local AquaPaddle webpage, plus include it in the AquaPaddle Briefing.  

Occasionally, there will be a Crew Photographer in attendance. This is someone who is taking imagery for AquaPaddle HQ and will be used across all media channels.  

Crew Photographers must always…  

  • register as an official volunteer  
  • make themselves known to the AquaPaddle Captain  
  • wear an AquaPaddle high-vis vest at all times  
  • Images should be made available to AquaPaddlers for free, where possible.  
  • We do not publish photos with additional watermarks, graphics, or other branding  

Crew photographers grant AquaPaddle an exclusive irrevocable licence to reproduce photographs and video footage taken at AquaPaddle and to use those photographs and videos and copies of them without charge in AquaPaddle communications, on AquaPaddle social media channels and in advertising or promotional material related to AquaPaddle.  


From time-to-time AquaPaddle HQ will employ professional Drone camera operators that are fully licenced and insured. They will be aware of all safety considerations when flying a drone above an AquaPaddle. 

We do not allow anyone else to video and/or share any drone footage of AquaPaddle via run reports or social media channels.