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Cancellation of an AquaPaddle

We can control a lot around AquaPaddle, but there are sometime things we cannot control. This means that from time-to-time a local AquaPaddle will have to be cancelled. The AquaPaddle Crews must feel at ease when cancelling an event, especially when AquaPaddler safety or Course closure is a factor. 

The most frequent reasons for cancellation are: – 

  • Water flow or conditions – The water way is moving too fast, and it is unsafe for beginners to go out. This means that AquaPaddle cannot run as it is just not safe. Always better to be cautious. 
  • Weather – Heavy Rain or high winds that make it unsafe to be out on the water. 
  • Thunderstorms and Lightning – If there is a risk of lighting in the local area then again, the AquaPaddle must be cancelled or delayed.  
  • Course Closure – Other waterway users might be holding their own events such as a rowing regatta or water festival. If possible, a secondary location will be used, if available. If not, then the event will have to be cancelled. 

If there is difficulty in getting enough Crew to run the event, then the Local Envoy or AquaPaddle HQ, needs to be contacted. They will assist in finding Crew from other local AquaPaddles, to come and help. Failing this, then unfortunately, the event will have to be cancelled. That is why it is always good to have a good Local Volunteer Crew. 

How an AquaPaddle is cancelled 

If the local AquaPaddle needs to be cancelled, please follow the steps below. 

  • As an AquaPaddle Captain or Local Envoy you will be able to login to the AquaPaddle website and navigate to the Local AquaPaddle Event that needs to be cancelled. 
  • Follow the online Cancel Event Process as outlined below 
    • Post on the AquaPaddle Discord Channel for the local AquaPaddle 
    • The Web Team where possible will post a Flash Message at the top of the Website  
    • Use Discord and the other AquaPaddle social media to Message your Local AquaPaddle Crew that it has been cancelled.  
  • If it is weather or flow related, please mention that. 
  • Anything else, please mention: unforeseen circumstances  

If the cancellation is on the day, then the Event can be cancelled right up to the start time. Please follow these additional steps 

  • Tell all AquaPaddlers at the normal meeting point, giving the reasons.  
  • If it is weather or flow related, please mention that. 
  • Anything else, please mention: unforeseen circumstances 
  • Place Crewmembers at the parking locations to let AquaPaddlers know the event is cancelled, so they can decide what to do before inflating or unloading their board or craft. 

Finally, it is important that the decision is not reversed as this will cause confusion and upset. It might also mean that AquaPaddlers might just turn up on the off chance of the AquaPaddle going ahead. 


What do we do with Crew “Points” if it is a last-minute cancellation, and they are on site? “

Crew points are awarded if the Crew have arrived on site and taken time to attend. It’s not their fault the AquaPaddle was cancelled.