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AquaPaddle Northampton

AquaPaddle Northampton is on the River Nene, just to the East of the Town Centre. There is a vibrant Paddling scene on the Nene with Canoe and Paddleboard Clubs sharing the waterway. This part of the River Nene is very rural. The Launching point is just by White Mills Lock and the Route heads east from there.

There is a reasonable size car park at the meeting point. We have a system where we all park behind each other on the grass so there’s plenty of room. Please don’t park on the road as this can cause problems.

There are no facilities on site, but a little way away at the White Mills Marina, there is a café and toilets.

AquaPaddlers know how to have fun!

The AquaPaddlers on the Nene know how to enjoy themselves and have been known to paddle in full fancy dress. If you would like to Volunteer and become a member of the local Crew, please contact the local AquaPaddle Captains through the Discord Comms System or email AquaPaddle

Waiting to start paddling

The route is two laps of the tranquil River Nene between White Mills Lock and Earls Barton Lock. The fun of having two laps if that it keeps everyone together and you can give and receive encouragement from other AquaPaddlers. Plus your friends and family can watch from the banks.

Relaxing after the paddle

There is always time to relax and chat to the other AquaPaddlers after the event. Make new friends and plan outing of your own. Also, you will likely meet AquaPaddlers from other parts of the country as they travel around trying to visit all the locations and paddle on new waterways.