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Paddle Stats for May 2023

Thursday 1 June 2023 | by Al Patterson

How Many Paddlers?

A total of 161 paddle boarders, kayakers, and other paddle lovers took to the water in May 2023 to complete a Free 5k paddle event in their local area.

What was the total time paddled?

Those 161 paddlers clocked up a combined time of 6 Days 12 Hours 54 Minutes 17 Seconds spent on the water.

What is the average time to paddle distance of 5k?

The average time to travel a distance of 5k on open water on a paddle board or kayak in May 2023 was 58 minutes and 28 seconds.

What was the median time to paddle 5k?

The median time is the middle point of all the results and is a good way to compare your times to all the other paddle boarders. This month the median time to paddle 5k was 49 minutes, and 36 seconds.

What is the fastest time to paddle 5k?

Congratulations to our top 5 fastest paddlers for this month!

1 Frank – 00:31:41 – SDW095 Frank
2 Darren – 00:32:12 – FIB098 Darren
3 Scott – 00:33:06 – NKV239 Scott
4 Craig – 00:35:12 – CWU127 Craig
5 Katherine – 00:35:15 – ZUT891 Katherine