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Continued Growth

Saturday 4 February 2023 | by Brett Scillitoe

A New Location, the weather getting calmer, is there a hint of Spring in the air? We hope so. No AquaPaddles this weekend, but then there are three on 12th Feb.

Brilliant Bournemouth

The word is spreading that AquaPaddle is just great fun and easy to take part in or run. Lynne and her wonderful Crew at Longham Lakes have stepped forwards to set up the first Dorset AquaPaddle, just to the North of Bournemouth.

The lakes are a great weather resistant location with only ice and high winds to stop an AquaPaddle taking place.

If you are an experienced paddler, ideally one who is trained and would like to help the team out and get involved, why not get in touch through our website.

Northampton Nene

After a month a wintery weather and too much rain, finally it is looking good for AquaPaddle Northampton on Sunday 12th Feb. This will be the first AquaPaddle on the River Nene. Captain Kelly will be in charge so, please give her your support. It is a lovely part of the Nene with a couple of loops of pretty part of the river.

There are 2 other AquaPaddles taking place as well, Hampton – Molesey and Swiss Valley. Both should take place. The River Thames has finally calmed down and with no significant rain forecast, it should be all go.

Please make sure you wear appropriate clothing and safety equipment regardless of what you are paddling. The water is still very cold and safety is our priority. Please listen to the Safety Briefing and follow the instructions of the Crew, they are they to keep you safe.

Adaptive AquaPaddlers

All paddlers are welcome at AquaPaddle, this includes Adaptive Paddlers. We are working hard to make sure as many of our locations are or will be Adaptive Paddler friendly. It is very important that we don’t exclude any paddler from AquaPaddle.

To this end one of the Aims of the Charity is to help the Adaptive community get onto the water more easily. For this we need to supply the right equipment and this takes money. We know things are tight at the moment, but being out on the water is great for mental wellbeing and that shouldn’t just be for those that can easily. It should be for all that want to.

If you can spare a little, then please make a donation.

Thank you

The AquaPaddle Team