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Paddle Stats for January 2023

Friday 3 February 2023 | by Al Patterson

This will be a new addition to our blog: a monthly run down of the average times, total times, number of paddlers, and any other interesting statistics that I can think of for your reading pleasure.

Total Number of Paddlers: 25

It may be the off season, there may be snow on the ground, but despite that a total of 25 devoted AquaPaddlers braved the cold UK weather in January and completed a 5k AquaPaddle event on a SUP board, Kayak, or other paddle powered watercraft.

Total Time Paddled: 22 Hours, 23 minutes 23 Seconds

Our 25 intrepid AquaPaddlers clocked up a total time on the water of over 22 hours. Well done, everyone!

Average Time to Paddle 5k: 54 minutes 8 seconds

The average time to complete a 5k paddle event in January 2023 was just over 54 minutes. This includes all the different watercraft and bodies of water across all our locations.

Median Time to Paddle 5k: 53 minutes 41 seconds

The median time is the middle point of all the results and is a good way to compare your times to all the other AquaPaddlers.

Top 5 Fastest Paddlers

Here are the top 5 fastest paddlers for January 2023. Congratulations to everyone below for being the fastest AquaPaddlers to complete a 5k event this month!

1 Ralph – 00:32:28 – QEV139

2 Paul – 00:34:04 – WNQ43

3 Richard  – 00:35:23 – HBA164

4 Craig – 00:38:14 – CWU127

5 Karl – 00:40:30 – TOA415