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AquaPaddle Swiss Valley

Swiss Valley Reservoir is just to the north of Llanelli and is close to junction 48 on the M4 Motorway and the A4138.

Swiss Valley reservoir is a sheltered and safe place with lots on offer – easy water access via pontoon, washdown station, toilet facilities, parking and it’s easy to get to. The reservoir is a site of outstanding natural beauty and surrounded by a mosaic of habitats and supports a wide diversity of flora and fauna. You can spot heron or kingfisher if you’re lucky. As an inland location that lies within an area of stunning scenery at Swiss Valley, Llanelli, it offers a safe and sheltered environment, ideal for those windier and colder days.

There is free parking in a small car park off the A476 road.

There are no café at the Reservoir, however there is one close by at the Swiss Valley Garden Centre. The White Lion Pub towards Llanelli is also available.

Safe jetty to launch from

Once the AquaPaddlers have walked down from the car park, there is an excellent Jetty to launch boards and boats from. The walk ways are wide and can easily accommodate different sized craft.

Sheltered conditions

If you are an inexperienced paddler, this is an excellent place to take part in your first AquaPaddle. Sheltered from winds and no current, it is ideal to enjoy stretching yourself a little more. For the experienced AquaPaddler, this is the location to set a good time.

Fun Crew run the AquaPaddle

The Swiss Valley crew come from a diverse set of backgrounds and if you are interested in volunteering to join the crew please contact us through the Discord Comms System or email AquaPaddle. A local AquaPaddle Captain will get in touch to learn more about your experience and what you would like to do.