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Super 28 Line-up at Lincoln

Friday 24 February 2023 | by Hannah Stockdale

28 enthusiastic paddlers, along with 8 volunteer crew members and 1 paddling dog came together on Sunday morning for the Lincoln AquaPaddle. We can’t quite describe it as a sell out with it being a free event, but all spaces were booked up.

A mix of excitement and nervousness was evident as everyone gathered for the welcome and safety briefing. It was great to see so many new faces and lots of paddlers who had never participated in any formal event. From long time experienced paddlers to those who are recent converts to the sport a whole range of people all with the same passion to get out on the water.  

Fantastic to see so many paddlers were accompanied by family to offer support from the bankside.

All paddlers (including Mark eventually!) then launched on the water and made their way to the start. Families and friends positioned themselves on the Burton Waters bridge overlooking the assembled paddlers.

Paddlers travelled in to a light headwind for the first half of the paddle, though as is ever the case with the wind and paddling, this seemed to die down after the turn point, disappointing those hoping for a tailwind on the return leg.

A great bonus of this course is that while waiting on the finish line we can see the paddlers approaching for the last 10 minutes and get prepared ready to clock each individual’s time.

As each paddler finished, all stayed at the finish waiting to support other paddlers as they crossed the line. Everyone completed the event, although Fred the paddling dog decided to hop off Liza’s board early.

Some celebratory photos followed with most then being able to join us for a post event drink in the sunshine whilst checking for their official timings online with much talk of returning next month all with plans to improve their times.

Our next event is on March 19th and this time we will have more spaces up for grabs.  Come to Lincoln, the sun always shines on our AquaPaddle (so far!!). We look forward to seeing you all soon.

by Hannah Stockdale and Mick Griffin

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