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Community And Growth

Wednesday 12 October 2022 | by Brett Scillitoe

This week we are talking about communications and reminding you about the next AquaPaddles.

Our Comms system called Discord

It’s a funny name for a communication system, but it is very good. The Gamers have been using it for years. It’s like WhatsApp on steroids. There are lots of “Channels” to discuss different subject matter from equipment to locations.

Each AquaPaddle has it’s own channel so you chat and get information from other AquaPaddlers in your area. You can mute all the channels or just the ones you are not interested in. There is no need to share your real name if you want to keep some privacy.

When signing up, please go to the Welcome channel and agree to the rules by clicking on the Green Tick ✅ This way you will get instant full access to all the AquaPaddler Channels. There is a phone app and desktop app that make communicating when at home so much easier.

AquaPaddle Maidenhead on Sunday

If you live within a hour or so of Maidenhead, why not register for the AquaPaddle at Maidenhead on Sunday. It’s a lovely route on a very picturesque part of The River Thames.

Belle and the Crew run a fun and safe event, making everyone, regardless of ability welcome. The weather is looking stunning and the autumn colours will look amazing.

Remember to choose the watercraft you will use and if you can’t make it, please cancel your registration to let others take your place. To do this, login and go to the registrations page.

Help improve the App

Part of the donations goes towards improving the AquaPaddle App, to help keep you safe and improve the information it provides. Over the winter we have plans to improve all areas of the website to bring you more enjoyment of your achievements and to show how you have improved and where you have AquaPaddled.

All this takes funds and your help is vital in making this happen. If you can spare a few pounds or you know someone looking to donate to worthy cause, then please suggest AquaPaddle. The Mental and Physical Health benefits of completing a regular AquaPaddle can’t be over emphasize. Maybe a regular small donation would be more manageable for you. Thank you for your continued support.