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Money Handling

Fundraising is a very important activity by AquaPaddle Volunteers, but where possible handling cash is to be avoided as there is the potential for it to cause problems. Whether this is through honest mistakes or otherwise. If cash is not used, then there is always an audit trail of who gave what to whom. That is why all our systems are digital, from Donations to Payments. In fact, as an organisation we will not be using cash.  

The Money Handling Policy 

  1. At all times any money intended for AquaPaddle or associated in any way with the delivery or operations of AquaPaddle, must be deposited in an account managed by AquaPaddle HQ, and no cash should be accepted or held by any AquaPaddle Crew Member.  
  1. All donations should be made directly by the donor, to AquaPaddle, using the dedicated donations platforms or via AquaPaddle HQ Bank Account 
  1. At no time should any AquaPaddle Crew Member handle cash whilst on duty at AquaPaddle. 

Money handling FAQs  

Are local AquaPaddle Crews able to organise social events for either the crew or local AquaPaddlers and charge the costs back to AquaPaddle? 

Socialising is a lovely aspect of AquaPaddle activities. However, as a charity, we need to make sure all our funds are focused on providing support to the AquaPaddle-BlueSpace sessions. Therefore, socialising costs must be paid for directly by the participants from their own funds. 

We would like to collect money for an official charity partner of AquaPaddle or a local charity of our choice.  

If a AquaPaddle event wishes to promote charity fundraising, then they can either invite representatives of that charity to attend their AquaPaddle in person or they can direct AquaPaddlers to the official fundraising platform of that charity. Under no circumstances should any AquaPaddle Crews collect any money meant for charity or set up an online fundraising platform to do so. AquaPaddle Crew should never feel obliged to promote any particular charity.  

We would like to raise funds for our AquaPaddle through things like raffles and cake sales.  

Whilst we understand that something like a raffle or cake sale is a fun way of raising money, it does not allow for an easy audit trail, and could easily put the Volunteers or the funds at risk. AquaPaddle Crew are therefore not permitted to generate funds for their event in this way. All donations received must go directly through the dedicated donation platform, from the donors themselves.  

Can we provide refreshments and charge the participants, as there is no accessible post-event cafe or other social venues at our AquaPaddle?  

It’s clear that post-event socialising is a lovely part of our Sunday mornings and, although most AquaPaddles do have cafes nearby or mobile coffee-vans in attendance, unfortunately, some venues do not have access to these facilities. It is a really great idea in these instances to provide some kind of post-event refreshments.  

In these cases, a local community organisation may like to provide post-event refreshments and charge per item, and as long as they are not formally linked to AquaPaddle then this is absolutely fine and should be encouraged. Most communities will have local charitable groups who would undoubtedly welcome an opportunity for a small but regular income.  

An alternative would be to ask the AquaPaddle community to donate tea, coffee and snacks.