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Southend Risk Assessment

There are two routes at Southend-on-Sea. Depending on the wind and tides, will depend on which route is taken.

The Eastern Route

Western Route

Southend On-Sea – Description of route and hazards

General Hazards

Motor Boats, Rowing Boats, Open Water Swimmers and other craft on the water: The estuary is shared with other craft and we need to keep ourselves safe. Please keep a look behind from time to time to make sure you are not going to be in collision with another water user. If they are coming close, draw their attention to you, shouting and waving. Also move out of their way and if necessary, kneel down.

Main Launch, Exit and Emergency Evacuation Point

Thorpe Bay Beach, Southend

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The launch point is adjacent to the main meeting point and car park on the beach. The car park can become busy on sunny days, so to take care walking up to the beach from the car park as it is a narrow road for pedestrians and cars together.


  1. The launch point is on the public beach where other users sunbathing, swimming and occasional anglers, please watch out for fishing lines. If you get court in any lines, stop and apologise. We share this space. Please don’t get into an argument, regardless of what the Angler is saying to you. Once free of the line continue on.
  2. The beach is a shingle beach with some shells, footwear is advised for the beach.
  3. Distance from shore is to be maintained seaside of the groin markers (approx. 25m) going over these can be dangerous as fins can catch the groins and knock you off your board.
  4. Jet skiers and speed boats are NOT allowed in this area, but sometimes day trippers do as they don’t know the by-laws, keep a safe distance and kneel down.

Secondary Launch, Exit and Emergency Evacuation Point

Thorpe Bay Beach, Shoebury Common Beach


  1. The course will pass Thorpe Bay Yacht Club, be aware of sail boats launching, stay within the sea side of the groin markers.
  2. Other water users e.g. open water swimmers use the same safe space for swimming, try to keep a safe distance away from swimmers to share the water.

Emergency Evacuation

For both routes

Please make your way to shore at any point and make yourself known to a shoreside marshal, who will be happy to assist.

The Start

The start of the AquaPaddle is on the Beach opposite the Camelia Hotel. The Time Lord will call the AquaPaddlers forward, once everyone has arrived and start the paddle. The AquaPaddle heads west towards the pier.


Groins markers, maintain sea side of the groins
Other AquaPaddlers. Please give everyone space to move about. The sea is wide enough.

The Finish

Once you finish, please keep clear of the finish line. If you want to stay to cheer on the other AquaPaddlers, please gather on the beach not on the water.


Tiredness: Don’t rush and take your time to recover.