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Rotherham Risk Assessment

This is a potential route for the new AquaPaddle Rotherham.

Rotherham- Description of Route and Risk Assessment

General Hazards

Manvers Lake is a sheltered water environment with public access from permissive footpaths and public footpaths. It is a popular venue for families to visit as well as runners,swimmers, cyclists, people who fish, use model boats and paddlers.

Please be aware that there will be people walking dogs around the lake. Some of these are from the rescue centre close by, the volunteers will wear hi-vis vests to be visible. Please do not approach these dogs as they may be nervous.

There are often people fishing from various points around the lake. We ask that paddlers allow a 10m distance from the bank to avoid disturbing lines.

This site has changing depths of water, please adjust your height accordingly to reduce the risk of injury if using a paddleboard. Please remain on your knees when launching from the slipway/beach until you reach the buoy, likewise on your return lower to knees before egress.

We regularly test the water quality of the lake, many swimmers come from outside of the area for its cleanliness. Please ensure that you have washed any equipment or clothing that has been used previously at a different site. We want to avoid the risk of cross contamination from other sites, thank you for your cooperation, it is valued.

Main Launch, Exit and Emergency Evacuation Point

Manvers Waterfront Boat Club, Station Road, Wath-Upon-Dearne.

Paddlers can launch from the slipway a short walk down a slope from the boatstore. There is also an opportunity to launch from the beach area to the left of the slipway and the wooden shuttering (bankside) on the right when facing the lake.

Second Launch, Exit and Emergency Evacuation Point

Paddlers can exit the top of the lake by the fishing platforms. Road access is from Red Kite Avenue, a path from here that accesses the lakeside.


  1. The slipway can become slippy, there is some matting down, please take care when entering the water. Freshwater mussels grow in the lake and can be sharp, causing cuts. Footwear is advised when accessing from this point to reduce the risk of cuts.

The Start

The start of the Aqua Paddle is by the pontoon gate by the wooden shuttering to the left of the slipway. The Time Lord will call the Aqua Paddlers forward, once everyone has arrived, and start the event. The Aqua Paddler heads in an anti-clockwise direction around the lake.


There will potentially be people fishing from the banks, beach or fishing platforms around the lake. We advise leaving a 10m distance when passing any lines to avoid disturbance. Our route has taken this into account. Please be courteous to other lake users.

There are various coloured buoys around the lake to mark out swim and paddlesports courses. These are weighted and anchored by rope. These should present menial risk as there is no flow.

Following setting off from the start point a buoy will mark your turning point, directly before the access to the slalom pond on the left. From here head to the top of the lake, on your right you will pass a small bay before following the shoreline for 500m past a small island on the left.

A marshall will be present at the turn point close to a polo net. You will turn left and follow the shoreline which has a mixture of reeds and fishing platforms. Please note wildfowl may nest in the reeds, take care not to disturb these while paddling.

Approximately 300m later, just before the headland you will take a ‘dog-leg’ right, marked by a marshall. After completing a route around the larger island you will continue to follow the shore round to complete your 1st lap. This will be completed for a second time. On the third lap there is no need to complete the ‘dog-leg’, continue round to the shuttering to complete the 5km course.

The Finish

Once you finish, please keep clear of the finish line. If you want to stay and cheer on the other AquaPaddlers, please gather past the pontoon gate.


Tiredness: Don’t rush and take your time to recover. When crossing the lake to the Launch and Exit point, please look out for other craft and don’t cross in front of them. Give yourself time. “Slow is Pro”