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Norwich Risk Assessment

Route Description & General Hazards

The Red Lion Bishopgate, Norwich, NR1 4AA

General Hazards

There may be other water users, including paddle craft, boats, and swimmers. Please keep a look behind from time to time to make sure you are not going to be in collision with another water user.

There are some over hanging trees and vegetation and 7 bridges on the route to go under. Please allow enough space between you and obstacles.

There are exit points along the route that range from the River bank, Ladders, steps and a slip way that can be used for in emergency or if you are unable to complete the route.

Launch and Start Point

The Launch and Start Point is from The Red Lion Bishopgate in the beautiful City of Norwich. Car parking is not available in the pub car park however there is a pay and display very nearby. We offer a drop off service if you do want to come and set your equipment down and inflate your boards. Your car will need to be moved prior to the race start so please allow plenty of time.

The launch point is slipway onto the river. Depending on how low the tide is there may be a little drop to get onto your boards. It will take us a little time to get everyone on the water so please make sure you arrive in plenty of time.

Please give other AquaPaddlers space to enter the water and move around. Spread out across the whole entry point. When waiting on the water, please be aware of other river users.

The Route

Head left at the Red Lion along the River Wensum through the Fine City Of Norwich until New Mills Yard where you will turn and head back down river, past the Redlion to the Premier Inn, past the Norwich Yacht Station and then back to the BishopBridge. Watch out for other water users, particularly those on paddle craft and swimmers.

Description of activityAquaPaddle
LocationRed Lion Bishopgate, NR1 4AA,
Risk Rating description5 (Catastrophic) 4 (Major) 3 (Moderate) 2 (Minor) 1 (None)
CreatedApril 2023     
List Of HazardsWho might be harmedHow might they be harmedRisk ValueControlsPerson ResponsibleAny additional actions
  Slips/Trips/Falls    Participants and sterwardsThe Slipway at the Red Lion Bishopgate is on a slope. People could trip and fall when they are getting on the water.    3  Steward to be at the top of the slip way to guide and advise people on how to use their    Site StewardMake sure there are no hazzards from dead trees, deadbury, litter or other obsitcals on the slipway that could cause an issue.
    Drowning & Drowning as a result of injury.    Participants, leaders & Instructors  Incorrectly fitted buoyancy aids, being hit by a paddle, unconscious casualty in the water, panicking in cold water, falling into the water.    5Minimum qualification WSA Foundation instructor or BCA SUP Instructor to be present at all sessions and oversee safety. This person must also have been on a min 2 day first outdoor first aid course to be session leader. Leashes must be attached to board correctly and worn by ALL particpants. All partcipants must have had prior paddle booard experience and not be a beginner.AquaPaddle Captain 
    Tidal Access    Participants, leaders & InstructorsThe River Wensum and River Yare are both tidal. If the Tide is too low or too high this may cause issues of Participants entering and exiting the river.    1  Make sure we assist customers to get on the water in low and also high tide. training to be given to all staff on entry and exit of the water.    Site Steward  Assessment morning of the event and check tide times.
      Uneven ground      Participants, leaders & Instructors      Participants, leaders & Instructors could slip on      2All exit and entry points to be assessed for issues by a member of the NPB staff . When customers are being given instructions on how to get on the water, make sure they are advised if the uneven ground and anything that might cause them harm or injury. Staff member to be present at all times when customers are by the waters edge due to pottential issue of slips. Customers advised to wear something on their feet until at slip way entry where they can either leave footwear behind or attach to their board at this time,      Site Steward 
  Vehicle Movement  Participants, leaders & InstructorsInjury from vehicles whilst movong from demo area to launch site or whilst mving around the site.  1Staff to assist customers where required to move equipment around site and advised to ask clients or members of the public to watch our for vehicles. Carparks are very small at the Redlion Car will be moving less than 5mph.  Site Steward 
  Weather/Environm ent  Participants/officials/Public      Injury or risk of life due to weather condi  1This will be constantly monitored and dynamic risk assessed immediately prior to any sessions. Each location has been assessed for what weather conditions we will run sessions in ( see attached weather conditions sheet for location and weather limits.AquaPaddle Captain 
      Equipment Failure      ParticipantsIf their board deflates while on the water they may fall in and hit there head or get injured, Leash Snaps causing them to come detached from their board if they fall in. Paddle snaps and unable to paddle back to launch point      2All equipment will need to be checked before launching into the water. NPB boards will be checked over by NPB staff before the event. Valve Repair Kits to be available for allboards. On water volunteers to carry a spare leash in their Kit Bag and be trained in how to tow clients if issues arrise with boards. This can be done with a Tow Rope or Paddle. Dynamic risk assessment to be carried out on the water to monitor any issues that may arrise with equipment.AquaPaddle Captain 
Emergency arrangements for first AidMembers of the public, participants, stewards  Accident happens  3Race Director to have a minumum 2 day outdoor first aid course qualification which will need to be completed within the last 3 years. First Aid Kit to be ion hand on the water and at Start and end of the raceAquaPaddle Captain 
Injury from Manual HandlingParticipants/OfficialsBack injury or fall from carrying boards3All Participants will be advised beforehand on how to carry their boards safely too and from the launch point.Site Steward 
  Other River Users  Participants and other river users  collide with other river users  3Participants will be reminded to paddle on the right of the river and to be vigilant at all times of river users. Including but not limited to other participants. . Aim for a min of 5m distance between a moving boat and paddler. Paddlers advisedAquaPaddle Captain  Start of race breifing to be given to remind particpants
Falling getting on board / falling onto board having lost balance  Participants  Hurt face  4Paddlers must have had experience on a paddle board prior to session and customers will confirm this when booking. If a partipant turns up and does not meet this criteria they will not be able to paddle.  Site Steward  Start of race breifing to be given to remind particpants to fall into water and not on board
  Hypothermia  Participants  Hypothermia due to exposure to cold water.    5All Participants have been advised to dress appropriately for their session. Information to be sent to customer prior to their session. Session instructors to use weather condition limit sheet to assess water temp prior to a session in order to assess clients appropriate clothes. A Mixture of wetuits held with lead instructor to offer to clients if we feel clothing is not appropriate.AquaPaddle Captain 
Water    All participants    Drowning through injury5Ensure all participants will have a leash. PFD’s / BA’s are not mandatory for these sessions but are highly reccomended. All particpants must have had paddle experience prior to an aqua paddle . At least one First aider to be present for these sessions.AquaPaddle CaptainParticipants to be continuously monitored throughout the paddle.