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AquaPaddle Plymouth

Paddle Boarding & Kayaking in Plymouth

New for 2023, AquaPaddle Plymouth is the ideal place to go paddle boarding on the River Plym. The 5k organised paddle takes place every Sunday and welcomes paddle boarders, kayaks, canoes, and any sort of paddle craft suitable for taking part in the event.It will be a fabulous location and one a lot of AquaPaddlers will want to experience.

Paddle Boarding Events on the River Plym

The River Plym is an Estuary with sheltered stretches so we expect it to be a great place to paddle board all year around as well as being suitable for both the beginner and advanced paddle boarders alike. It’s a great location to go kayaking or paddle boarding in Plymouth and it shouldn’t bee too badly affected by heavy rains.

Safety When Paddle Boarding on the Plym

Being a tidal stretch of water means the best times to go paddling on the Plym will vary with the seasons and with the weather. Because of this, the times at which we hold our 5k paddles along the Plym will depending on when is the safest time to run the event, and if the organisers of the Plymouth Sunday paddle decide that it is not safe to go out then the event will be cancelled.

Heading along the Plym

Who Runs the Plymouth 5k Paddle?

AquaPaddle Plymouth has a great Crew lead by Paul Hooper. However, if you are an experienced local Paddler, either Kayak or Board, and would like to volunteer to become a member of the crew, we would like to hear from you. Just contact Paul through the Discord Comms System or email AquaPaddle

Passing the big boats

Paddle Boarding in Historic Plymouth

The Historic City of Plymouth is a great place to visit even if you are local to the area. The Route takes the AquaPaddlers passed boatyards containing all sorts of exotic craft. As a Naval Base, there is always a chance of seeing some of our Royal Navy ships and submarines. Not forgetting the famous Plymouth Hoe and its association with the Spanish Armada.

Lots to see on the Route

Things to know when Paddling the river Plym

As an estuary, it is important to remember that you will be paddling on flowing water. That means Buoyancy Aids are a most for all and Quick Release Belt Leashes are strongly advised. These are cheap to buy and will save your life. If you don’t have one of these or are waiting for it to arrive, please attach your leash to your Buoyancy Aid, Never your ankle!

Where Does the Plymouth Paddle Boarding 5k Take Place?

Parking for the Plymouth Paddle

There are plenty of paid parking spaces available near to the meeting point for you to park up, inflate your paddle board, get your gear ready, and meet us by the waterside. Please note the local parking restrictions and time periods as these might change without notice.

Food, Drinks & Facilities

The nearby Mount Batten Center has refreshments available to enjoy after your paddle, and also toilets. The opening times of the Center can change so please check on the day the paddle event takes place. Plus further around to the Ferry point there are other facilities.

Where Else Can I Go Paddle Boarding in Plymouth?

We’re looking to expand the AquaPaddle project by opening new paddle boarding and kayaking locations in Plymouth. Each location will be on a different body of water and provide a free to join timed 5k paddle event taking place each Sunday. The events are designed to be fun, sociable, and suitable for everyone from the beginner paddle boarder to the seasoned pro.

Do you run a paddle boarding club in Plymouth? Or would you like to host your own free 5k timed paddle event on a lake, river, reservoir, or any other body of open water? If so get in touch with us to find out more about starting a new weekly paddle event in Plymouth.