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AquaPaddle Norwich

AquaPaddle Norwich is based next to The Red Lion Pub at Bishopsgate. In the heart of the ancient city.

The route takes your through the city and under the many bridges that cross the River Yare and past the historic, Cow Tower.

There is no parking at The Red Lion Bishopgate Pub, but AquaPaddlers will be able to drop off their Boats and SUPs at the pub and then drive to a local car park. There is a 5 minute walk along the river from here. We suggest you drop off your craft at least 1 hour before the event to give yourself enough time to park and walk back to the start. To then, check in with the Time Lord and attend the Safety Briefing, which is half an hour before the event.

Suggested Car Parking What3Words link –

The Red Lion Pub will be delighted to serve you.

Paddler through the City!

AquaPaddle Norwich is lead by Lee and helped by his fabulous Crew. If you would like to Volunteer and become a member of the local Crew, please contact the local AquaPaddle Captains through the Discord Comms System or email AquaPaddle

All paddlers welcome

The route is through the beautiful city of Norwich. Passed the historic buildings and under the fabulous bridges. Absolutely an AquaPaddle to be visited.

Amazing sights to be seen

The Meeting and Launch point is just upstream of The Red Lion pub Bishopsgate. The pub is a great location to get a pre AquaPaddle drink or relax afterwards to compare notes and make new friends.