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AquaPaddle Loch Voil

Loch Voil from the air

AquaPaddle Loch Voil is one of our more remote Locations and is the first in Scotland. It is located in the beautiful hills and mountains, next to the village of Balquhidder, North of Callander in Stirling. Rob Roy’s Grave is nearby and might be worth a visit after the event.

Parking and Craft Drop

The parking is by the Village Hall (there is no parking at the Lochside). AquaPaddlers with Kayaks and Canoes will be able to drop off their boats at the bridge over the river and then drive to a local car park in the village of Balquhidder.

For Paddleboarders, please park at the Village Hall and the Crew will assist with getting your boards to the water.

There is a less than 10 minute walk back to the launch site. We suggest you drop off your craft at least 1 hour before the event to give yourself enough time to park and walk back to the launch point. To then, check in with the Time Lord and attend the Safety Briefing, which is half an hour before the event.

Please don’t park in the Passing Places as this will cause road blockages for others and the Emergency Services.

There will be Crew on hand to assist with parking and craft transport to the water.

Suggested Car Parking at the Village Hall, What3Words link –

Temporary parking for boat drop-off boats. What3Words link –

Refreshments and Accommodation

The Mhor 84 is 4 miles away on the A84. It is open all day for refreshments and also has accommodation. What3Words link –

There is also The Broch Café on the A84. This does take-aways as well. What3Words link –

Click here for other accommodation in the area

Canoe by Loch Voil
Canoe by Loch Voil

AquaPaddle Loch Voil is run by The Lee Family and supported by their wonderful Crew. If you would like to Volunteer and become a member of the local Crew, please contact the local AquaPaddle Captains through the Discord Comms System or email AquaPaddle

Canoeing on Loch Voil
Canoeing on Loch Voil

The route is at the moment, the most remote AquaPaddle. It is around the shores of a beautiful Loch, with the wooded hills rising above it. This is definitely a destination Event for the non-local paddlers and part of a weekend away or longer stay in Scotland.

Paddleboarder on Loch Voil
Paddling on Loch Voil

The Meeting point is at the Inch Point and is accessed from the water. For spectators it is a short walk along the Private Road leading to the Hostel. Please don’t drive down this road.

What3Words link –