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Lincoln Risk Assessment

Lincoln Route Description and Risk Assessment

General Hazards 

Narrow boats, day boats, houseboats and other craft and paddlers on the water -The Fossdyke is enjoyed by various boaters and we need to keep ourselves and others safe. Please keep a look behind from time to time to make sure you are not going to be in collision with another river user.  If you see a boat, please shout to other paddlers warning them of the danger and giving them a chance to move to the right-hand side of the river. If they are coming close, draw their attention to you. Move out of their way and kneel if at risk of falling in.

Anglers – At various places on the bankside there may be anglers. Paddle by cautiously, and allow enough space around where they may be casting. Move to opposite side of river if safe to do so.

Briefing Point

The Captain’s pre-paddle briefing will take place in the heated outdoor shelter of Woodcocks pub.

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Main Launch, Exit and Emergency Evacuation Point 

Woodcocks Moorings

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The launch point is from the bank about 100m from the briefing point. There are steps down to the launch point and a sloping bank. Caution is advised when boarding due to grass / mud at the water’s edge.

Safety kit and your Aquapaddle number will be checked by the Aquapaddle Crew before you get on the water.


Access to the water crosses an often busy towpath with cyclists, walkers and dogs. Please watch out and give way to others on the towpath.

The sloping bank could be slippy in some weather conditions, use the steps provided.

Moored boats are often present near the launch point. Take care when boarding.

Anglers occasionally fish from the mooring point bank, please move over to allow them access.

Paddling to the Start Point, be aware of other river users.

Start and Finish and Emergency Evacuation Point 

(This is an evacuation point for emergencies)
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The start point of the Lincoln AquaPaddle is around 400m down the canal just before the entrance to Burton Waters Marina.

On reaching the start point all Paddlers will need to turn their craft around to face back upstream for the start. The Time Lord will call the AquaPaddlers forward once everyone has arrived and will start the event.


Other AquaPaddlers. Please give everyone space to turn around. The canal has a wide turning point at the entrance to the marina.

Boats entering and exiting the marina. Please be aware and move to the edge of the canal.

The Canal and Embankment

If whilst passing someone fishing you are approached by a boat, please stop, and move over to the right-hand side of the river. If you get caught in any lines, stop and apologise. We share this space. Please don’t get into an argument, regardless of what the Angler is saying to you. Once free of the line, continue. 

Fishing hooks being cast from the side of the canal.

Overgrown bushes and reeds, particularly on the south bank in Summer months may narrow the navigable width of the canal.

Boats behind and coming towards you. Keep a good look out and be prepared to stop.

Submerged Debris in the water such as trees, weeds.

The canal has a gentle flow, you will be informed of the conditions of the water state at the pre paddle briefing.

Swans and other wildlife, please give them space.

Any significant large hazards identified on the day will be detailed at the briefing and marked accordingly. Please given hazards a wide berth.

The Upstream Turning Point

(This is an evacuation point for emergencies)
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The turning point is by a crew member sited next to a turn marker buoy.


Other AquaPaddlers. Please give each other space to turn and cross the canal. 

Watch out for boats and other river users as you turn. They have right of way. Be prepared to stop. Do not risk crossing in front of any craft.

Please shout if someone is likely to hit you or if you are unable to stop your board from nudging others.

Falling off. If you should fall in and you can’t re board quickly, please swim your board away from any hazards, before trying to mount again. A Crew Member will come and assist you. If you see someone fall in, without putting yourself in danger, please go and give help or alert a crew member.

Please inform the crew if you have fallen in and the reason for this.

The Finish

The finish point is marked by a flag and the time lord. Please keep paddling towards the flag. Once you finish, please keep clear of the finish line.

If you want to stay and cheer on the other AquaPaddlers, please gather on the embankment or slight upstream and away from the Timelord and be prepared to move out of the way of other craft.

Make sure your number is visible to the time lord.

Other information

First Aid Kit is carried by Captains and the crew.

Other Emergency Evacuation Points

Due to the adjacent towpath you can exit the canal along the north bank of almost the entire route. The ground may be soft so care should be taken.

In the event of an Emergency there are 2 other Emergency Evacuation Points where an ambulance or other vehicle can get close to the water.

1 – Close to the turn point just in the mouth of the River Till

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This is just off the actual route of the event and you need to paddle under the bridge in to the mouth of the River Till.

2 – About 1.5km from the start/finish point on the main bend on the route.

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This emergency evacuation point leads to a short footpath leading up to the A57 road.

Defib site

The nearest AED is situated in Burton Waters Marina and easily accessible from the towpath close to the start / finish point.

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