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Hampton – Molesey Risk Assessment

Defib Locations

Hampton – Molesey – Description of route and risk assessment

General Hazards 

Motor Boats, Rowing Boats and other craft on the water: The Thames is shared with other craft and we need to keep ourselves safe. Please keep a look behind from time to time to make sure you are not going to be in collision with another river user. If they are coming close, draw their attention to you, shouting and waving. Also move out of their way and if necessary, kneel down. 

Main Launch, Exit and Emergency Evacuation Point 

Sadlers Ride, Hurst Park, Molesey, Surrey 

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The launch point is adjacent to the main meeting point and car park. The ground is concrete and there is a hard edge. Close by there is a raised area with a concrete edge. 


  1. The launch point is alongside the towpath with walkers, dogs and cyclists. There are sometime families feeding the birds in this area. Care must be taken when crossing the path to the launch point and launching and not harming the wildlife. 
  1. The concrete could be wet and muddy, so care must be taken not to slip. Remember don’t rush and always take you time. “Slow is Pro” 
  1. Crossing over the river to the Start Point, be aware of the other river users especially rowers at this time of day. They are travelling backwards and don’t always look behind themselves. 

Secondary Launch, Exit and Emergency Evacuation Point 

Bell Quay, Thames Street, Hampton, Middlesex 

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The launch point is next to the Hampton Canoe Launch point and is off the edge of the Quay. It is beyond the locked gate to the Quay. There is limited parking nearby or in the Bell Pub, but only with the permission of the pub. 

The launch point is a concrete and tarmac area. It is at a height above the river. 


  1. The launch point is at some height above the river and the paddler will have the take care when lowering themselves onto their craft. Take your time don’t rush. 
  1. The Quay can be busy at times, so again give yourself time before the AquaPaddle and don’t rush. “Slow is Pro”  

The Start 

The start of the AquaPaddle is off Bell Quay. The Time Lord will call the AquaPaddlers forward, once everyone has arrived and start the event. The AquaPaddle heads upstream (West). 


Bell Quay concrete edge. Stay at least 2 metres away from the edge. 

Other AquaPaddlers. Please give everyone space to move about. The river is wide enough. 

Benns Island – Hampton Sailing Club 

The island is some 100+ metres upstream of the start and should be passed on the paddlers right. The island is easy to see and has the clubhouse and sailing boats from the club on it. 


Hard concrete edge. Stay at least 2 metres away from the edge. 

Sailing boats being launched. Keep a good look out and be prepared to stop. Sail has right of way. 

Platt’s Eyot 

The Eyot (Island) is some 500 metres up from Benns Island and has a lot of moored boats around it. 


Moored boats on way to and around Platt’s Eyot. Stay at least 2 metres away 

Water intake for the Hampton Waterworks. Stay at least 2 metres away from the intake. 

Millennium Boat House and (Lady Eleanor Holles – Hampton School) Boat Club 

The Boat house houses the boats for both schools and on Sunday they can be boating.  


Boat crews pushing off from the bank without looking. Please shout to let them know you are coming. If necessary, stop and keep yourself safe. A Marshal should be on hand to warn the boat crews that the AquaPaddlers are coming passed. 

Aquarius Sailing Club 

The sailing club is based alongside the north bank. At the time of the AquaPaddle, the club is normally quiet at this time of day. However, caution needs to be taken. 

The Upstream Turning point is by the second ramp. There will be a Marshal standing at this point.  


Moored boats. Stay at least 2 metres away 

The Upstream Turning Point 

The turning point is by the second ramp from Aquarius Sailing Club onto the Thames. There will be a Member of the Crew on their board or kayak at that point. Please go round them on not cut downstream of them. 


Other AquaPaddlers. Please give each other space to turn and cross the river. 

Crossing the River. Watch out for boats and other river users as you cross. They have right of way. Be prepared to stop. Do not risk crossing in front of any craft. 

Platt’s Eyot – return 

The Eyot (Island) has a lot of moored boats around it. There are also moored boats on the Surrey riverbank.  


Moored boats on way to and around Platt’s Eyot. Stay at least 2 metres away 

Anglers: There might be a number in the months from June 12th onwards. Please watch out for fishing lines. If you get court in any lines, stop and apologise. We share this space. Please don’t get into an argument, regardless of what the Angler is saying to you. Once free of the line continue on.  

Swimmers: Wild or Open Water swimming has become very popular and you as the overtaking craft need to keep clear. Please shout to draw their attention to you as you come up behind them. Please keep at least 1.5 metres away from them. 

Garrick’s Ait 

The Ait (Island) should be passed to the Paddlers right and the paddler must not go down the small channel between the Ait and the main riverbank. There is lots of wildlife here and this must be avoided.  


Ferry Service: There is a ferry service crossing the river just upstream of the Ait and you need to make sure that you don’t paddle in front of it. Always aim for the back of the boat and that way you know you will be safe. 

Moored Boats: There are moored boats around the Ait and at times they move off without warning. Please keep an eye on them and shout to let the boat owners know you are there. 

Launch Point: The Launch Point is downstream of the Ait and they might be craft and swimmers moving away from this point. Take care and let people know you are there by politely shouting. 

Tagg’s Island 

Tagg’s Island is the lower end of the route. The route goes all the way round and should be passed to the left of the paddler. This means you pass to the right of the Island. There will be a Crew member at the downstream end of the island who will be guiding the paddles round. Please look out for them in their bright orange t-shirt. 


Moored boats on way to and around Tagg’s Island. Stay at least 2 metres away. 

Molesey Rowing Club: There are rowing boats and coaching launches using the club all the time. The club is situated at the downstream end of the Island. Please shout if someone is likely to hit you. 

The Weir: The weir is to the right of the island once the paddlers have made their turn. Please give it a wide berth. If you should fall in at this point, if you can’t re board quickly, please swim your board away, before trying again. The Crew Member will come and assist you. If you see someone fall in at this point. Without putting yourself in danger, please go and give help.  

Tagg’s Island Bridge: Watch out for the Bridge Piers. Ideally, at this point you should be to the right of the river. Please paddle through the middle of the piers and not between the piers and the bank. 

Thames Voyages Ltd 

This is a boatyard, and a good lookout should be kept. 


Moored boats on way upstream. Stay at least 2 metres away 

Houseboat Astoria

This is a fine Victorian Houseboat ( Please keep clear and you paddle upstream. 


Moored boats on way upstream. Stay at least 2 metres away 

Anglers: There might be a number in the months from June 12th onwards. Please watch out for fishing lines. If you get court in any lines, stop and apologise. We share this space. Please don’t get into an argument, regardless of what the Angler is saying to you. Once free of the line continue on. 

The Finish 

Once you finish, please keep clear of the finish line. If you want to stay cheer on the other AquaPaddlers, please gather downstream of Bell Quay, where there is a safe inlet. Please don’t block Hampton Canoe Clubs Green Launching Platform.  


Tiredness: Don’t rush and take your time to recover. When crossing the river to the Launch and Exit point, please look out for other craft and don’t cross in front of them. Give yourself time. “Slow is Pro” 

All Risks

RISK ASSESSMENT: AquaPaddle – BlueSpace – Generic Location 


DROWNING  Paddlers & Others   Wearing of buoyancy aid  Instruction in capsize procedures Relevant supervision for novices  Advised to keep away from waters edge  Buoyancy aids tested annually  Induction sessions for beginners and new members  Instructors to ensure buoyancy aid correctly fitted.  Regular checks on hire equipment during the season.  31/01/2024 
HYPOTHERMIA / HYPERTHERMIA  Paddlers   Advised on the correct clothing to wear.  Adjustment to clothing as required   Continuous dynamic risk assessment.  31/01/2024
SLIPS TRIPS AND FALLS   Paddlers, Parents, Coaches & others   Regular observation of the bankside, recommendation of footwear  Ensure appropriate footwear is worn   31/01/2024 
SPRAINS, STRAINS  AND SOFT TISSUE  INJURIES  Paddlers, Parents Coaches & others   Trained to lift correctly  Ask for help  Encouraged to paddle correctly   Ongoing training and regular checks of procedures  Appropriate checks on lifting crafts 31/01/2024 
POLLUTION AND WATER QUALITY   Paddlers  Advised to bathe soon after immersion Made aware of flotsam   Risks higher in spate conditions. Avoid intentional capsizes in poor conditions  31/01/2024
OTHER WATER USERS   Paddlers and other users  Paddlers instructed to be aware of other water users and how to take appropriate/avoiding action.   Informed as to possible other water users and location  31/01/2024 
BOATS & PWC   Paddlers & Safety team  Paddlers advised to abide by the waterways laws, keeping river right and allowing river cruisers to pass by.  Appropriate skill and awareness information including training  31/01/2024 
EXHAUSTION/FATIGUE  Paddlers and water safety team  Advise paddlers to bring a drink and have eaten an hour before paddling  Water safety team will assist and help them ashore. 31/01/2024 
CAPSIZED CRAFT  Paddlers   Information to be collected on entry of ability. Ask paddlers to look after each other on the water.  Water safety to assist capsized paddlers. 31/01/2024 
WEATHER/WIND   Paddlers & Safety Team Weather reports checked the day before and on the morning. Advise paddlers of exiting the water should adverse weather conditions approach.  Continuous dynamic risk assessment   31/01/2024
Wild Animals Eg: Swans Paddlers Advise paddlers to maintain distance from all wildlife, especially Swans with their signets. If a nesting family is close to the start/finish, the paddle will be moved to a different location to protect the animals. 31/01/2024
Environment Everyone  Advise everyone to stay on the paths and to prevent minimal damage to the flora and fauna. Continuous dynamic risk assessment 31/01/2024