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Chelmsford Risk Assessment

RISK ASSESSMENT: AquaPaddle Hoe Mill Lock, Chelmsford

DROWNINGPaddlers Others Wearing of buoyancy aid Instruction in capsize procedures Relevant supervision for novices Advised to keep away from waters edgeBuoyancy aids tested annually Induction sessions for beginners and new members Instructors to ensure buoyancy aid correctly fitted. Regular checks on hire equipment during the season.
HYPOTHERMIA / HYPERTHERMIA  Paddlers  Advised on the correct clothing to wear. Adjustment to clothing as required  Continuous dynamic risk assessment.
SLIPS TRIPS AND FALLS   Paddlers, Parents, Coaches & others  Regular observation of the bankside, recommendation of footwear  Ensure appropriate footwear is worn  
SPRAINS, STRAINS AND SOFT TISSUE INJURIES  Paddlers, Parents  Coaches & others  Trained to lift correctly Ask for help Encouraged to paddle correctly  Ongoing training and regular checks of procedures Appropriate checks on lifting crafts
POLLUTION AND WATER QUALITY  Paddlers  Advised to bathe soon after immersion Made aware of flotsam  Risks higher in spate conditions. Avoid intentional capsizes in poor conditions
OTHER WATER USERS  Paddlers and other users  Paddlers instructed to be aware of other water users and how to take appropriate/avoiding action.  Informed as to possible other water users and location
BOATS & PWC  Paddlers & Safety team  Paddlers advised to abide by the waterways laws, keeping river right and allowing river cruisers to pass by.  Appropriate skill and awareness information including training
EXHAUSTION/FATIGUE  Paddlers and water safety team  Advise paddlers to bring a drink and have eaten an hour before paddling  Water safety team will assist and help them ashore.
CAPSIZED CRAFT  Paddlers  Information to be collected on entry of ability. Ask paddlers to look after each other on the water.  Water safety to assist capsized paddlers.
WEATHER/WIND  Paddlers & Safety TeamWeather reports checked the day before and on the morning. Advise paddlers of exiting the water should adverse weather conditions approach.  Continuous dynamic risk assessment  
Wild Animals Eg: SwansPaddlersAdvise paddlers to maintain distance from all wildlife, especially Swans with their signets.If a nesting family is close to the start/finish, the paddle will be moved to a different location to protect the animals.
EnvironmentEveryone  Advise everyone to stay on the paths and to prevent minimal damage to the flora and fauna.Continuous dynamic risk assessment