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Watercraft Feature Release

Tuesday 6 September 2022 | by Brett Scillitoe

We have Exciting News about a new feature to give you greater enjoyment of the App and the AquaPaddle results.


We have just launched our Watercraft feature. You can now choose from a shortlist of Watercraft when registering for an AquaPaddle, such as All Round SUP or K1 Kayak or Racing Hardboard SUP.

We have limited it to just a few, as we did have a list of over 25 and who wants to do a quiz when entering an event. If there is demand for an additional craft or two then we can look at this in due course.

Already Registered for an AquaPaddle

If you have already registered for an AquaPaddle over the next few weeks, This is not a problem. Simply login, go to your Registrations page and click “CANCEL REGISTRATION”. Then return to the Up coming Events and re-register for the AquaPaddle of your choice, this time choosing which watercraft you will be using.

Help speed-up App development

If you are keen to see more features and more information on the App, why not help fund some of the improvements. By making a General Donation, the funds are split between BlueSpace Session, Safety Equipment and Website Development.