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Tonbridge Postponed – Maidenhead Is On

Tuesday 8 November 2022 | by Brett Scillitoe

Postponements, floods and difficult weather are all part of AquaPaddle at this time of year. It means that when we can run them safely, we will.

Tonbridge postponed

Unfortunately, AquaPaddle Tonbridge on this coming Sunday has had to be postponed, until 27th November, due to flooding and fallen trees. It is hoped the Environment Agency will have removed the trees by then and the Medway would have gone back between its banks.

If this is not the case then we will have to postpone again. Please keep up-to-date with all the latest news by signing up to our communication system on Discord. It’s like WhatsApp but so much better, as it has different channels you can opt in or out of.

Maidenhead happening

AquaPaddle Maidenhead will be taking place this weekend. There are no Stream warnings, and the weather is looking dry. I have heard that there will be a good turnout, with paddlers coming from Hampton and Northampton to paddle with the locals of Maidenhead 😁🤙

If you haven’t paddled yet at Maidenhead and want to get another AquaPaddle in before the end of the year, then why not head over to Boulter Lock and join Captain Belle and her Crew of Volunteers. Please don’t forget to choose your Watercraft when you register. Plus your leash (if on a board) and Buoyancy Aid.

Donations makes the magic happen

AquaPaddle is run on Donations. Without donations, we wouldn’t be able provide the safety equipment or the BlueSpace sessions for those who need them.

If you have enjoyed and benefited from attending the different AquaPaddles over the last few month, please consider giving us a small regular donation. This can easily be set up on our donation system provided by Kindlink.

A small donation will go a long way to help and it will be appreciate by many in the future. It will also help us get through the quiet time over the winter.