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Tonbridge Off – Swansea On

Saturday 26 November 2022 | by Brett Scillitoe

Winters can be tricky to judge the weather and the rain. Tonbridge has had to be postponed again, However, Swansea is going to happen next weekend 🤞

Tonbridge off till 2023

Unfortunately, AquaPaddle Tonbridge on this coming Sunday has had to be postponed, until 22nd January 2023, due to more flooding and the same fallen tree. It was hoped the Environment Agency would have removed the trees by now and the Medway would have gone back between its banks. But unfortunately this has not happened 😥 See you there in 2023 🤞

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Swansea is on

The good news is that AquaPaddle Swansea is still on 😁 It is next Sunday 4th December at the slightly earlier time of 9.30am, meeting at 9.00am or earlier. Since the river is tidal, there are changes to the start times.

It’s a great location, if you haven’t paddled it before. So why not head down to Swansea and get another AquaPaddle in before the end of the Year.

If you can’t make it, please remember to remove yourself from the list by cancelling your registration to the AquaPaddle

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