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Sunday AquaPaddles

Tuesday 20 September 2022 | by Brett Scillitoe

With the weather looking great this Sunday for both the Southend and Hampton-Molesey AquaPaddles, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take part.

Hampton – Molesey and Southend

The above photo was taken at the last AquaPaddle Hampton – Molesey. It was great to see lots of AquaPaddle Bibs in use. It follows on from the high number at the last AquaPaddle Southend.

The bibs have your “Forever” AquaPaddle number on and can be reused at any AquaPaddle you attend, wherever that might be in the country. They are easy to store and easy and comfortable to wear. Click here to order your Bib now. Remember to use your Official AquaPaddle Number, found on the “My Profile” page and don’t make one up. There are no refunds if you do.

There is still time to sign up to either of the AquaPaddles this weekend. Please do choose your Watercraft from the new Watercraft feature. You will then be able to compare your time is against someone in a similar craft. If you can’t make it, lease remember to cancel your registration on the Registrations page.

I think you’re wearing the wrong shirt?

Volunteer Crew

Volunteering can be lots of fun, even if you are given the wrong size t-shirt.

If you are an experienced Paddler and especially if you have some water rescue training, why not offer you help to your local AquaPaddle Captain. An experienced paddler is someone who has encountered lots of different weather and water conditions and is comfortable in them, has ideally, had either formal training via a qualification or informal water rescue training via a club. We are also looking for land based volunteer Crew to either help the Time Lords or on land when AquaPaddlers are entering or leaving the water.

Helping to Heal

Helping people to heal is part of AquaPaddles charitable remit. Being out on the water has long been known to be good for mental and physical health. AquaPaddle has provided free at the point of use, BlueSpace / Blue Therapy sessions for people in need. We would like to provide more, but these sessions cost as the trained staff and equipment needs to be paid for. The donations to AquaPaddle go towards three areas, BlueSpace (blue therapy) session, Safety Equipment for AquaPaddles and improving the AquaPaddle App.