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It’s AquaPaddle Thames Ditton

Tuesday 12 July 2022 | by Brett Scillitoe

This Sunday 17th July 2017, AquaPaddle will be at the Thames Ditton Route. The site of the very first AquaPaddle, exactly a year ago!

It’s a lovely route downstream from Ditton Beach to Ravens Ait and return to The Albany Pub. Sunday will be warm so get out early and join us for a paddle.


Buoyancy Aids

We, as you know, we insist on leashes and strongly advise Buoyancy Aids. Sunday will be hot, so, think about a cooling dip before the paddle or you could wear a slimline buoyancy aid or an inflatable belt buoyancy aid. Here are some examples, there are others as well.

  1. Baltic Canoe 50N Buoyancy Aid –
  2. Spinlock belt buoyancy aid –
  3. Decathlon belt buoyancy aid –
  4. Restube –
  5. Redpaddle Co –

Always protect yourself, wear some form of Personal Floatation Device (PFD) or Buoyancy Aid.


Bring water on Sunday. Make sure you are well hydrated before the start and during the Paddle, remember to drink regularly. It’s a social paddle, so keep hydrated and enjoy being on the water early on a Summer Sunday.


Please check if you have a Nickname. If you haven’t given yourself on, please login and go to My Profile and Add/Edit you Nickname. It helps us know who you are.

AquaPaddle Number

Don’t forget you AquaPaddle number. You can make your own (details here) or buy a AquaPaddle Number Bib by clicking here. They are great to be seen by other on the water.

Up coming AquaPaddles

There are lots of new locations for you to paddle. Have a look at the Locations page for all the details.


Please help AquaPaddle and AquaPaddle – BlueSpace with a donation. We have run our first BlueSpace session, which was a great success. A full report will be published soon. Also, if you are enjoying AquaPaddle, please help support the charity and all that we do.