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Happy New Year From AquaPaddle

Saturday 31 December 2022 | by Brett Scillitoe

Wishing you a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2023. What an amazing year 2022 has been and we finish the year with more great news.

New Location – Swiss Valley, Wales

We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest location and our second in Wales. It is at the Swiss Valley Reservoir, just north of Llanelli. The reservoir nestles in the beautiful hills of Carmarthenshire. The route follows the edge of the lake and will be great fun to paddle, in either a kayak, canoe or on a board.

The route is a wonderful addition to the AquaPaddle family of locations and one I know lots of AquaPaddlers will want to travel to and tick off the list. The added benefit of Swiss Valley is that it is well sheltered from strong winds and will be able to run, when other locations are cancelled due to the weather.

As with all new AquaPaddles, there are limited numbers for the first few events. So if you are unable to get a place on these, there will be plenty more chances you can visit Swiss Valley and paddle.

Website Update

We are continuing to update the website over the Christmas and New Year Period. This means that some of the links will not work as expected or there might be the odd incomplete page. We are keeping cost low by not having a “Staging Server”, which means quite a lot the updates are done directly on the live website.

Making sure we keep our cost as low as possible is important. It means we can maximise as much of the funds for charitable BlueSpace – Sessions. If you are able to help the Charity, with either time, funds or passing on what we are doing to others, who might be able to help, would be brilliant. Publicity is just as important as fund. So mentioning AquaPaddle to others, really helps.

2022 Year of Growth

AquaPaddle’s first full year has been a great year of growth. We have gone from one Location to Ten. From a handful of AquaPaddlers to nearly 800, having access to regular fun and exercise, with like minded people, in a safe and friendly environment.

2023 will see further growth in Locations. Additionally, there will be more focus on the BlueSpace Sessions. We have secured some Grant Aid to run some of it and to help more people in need and show them the benefits of being out on the water.

All of us at AquaPaddle wish you all a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2023.

Best wishes

AquaPaddle Team 😀🤙