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Cold Weather Challenges

Thursday 8 December 2022 | by Brett Scillitoe

Keeping safe in cold weather, is a challenge that can be met with the right equipment. However, sometimes if can get too cold for AquaPaddle.

Hampton – Molesey Cancelled

The Weather has beaten us again and this time it is Jack Frost 🥶 With the temperatures barely getting above freezing at midday on Sunday, we have decided it just would not be safe to run AquaPaddle Hampton-Molesey.

With frost comes slippery surfaces and without the right clothing and equipment, falling into the water and then coming out into freezing temperatures can lead to a serious situation and one that we can avoid. That means the next AquaPaddle Hampton – Molesey is now in January. Hopefully, it will be a little warmer, so we can run a fun and safe AquaPaddle.

Next weekend (Dec 18th) we have AquaPaddle Southend at Hoe Mill Lock. Hopefully the weather will be kind to the great team in Essex. It will be the last AquaPaddle of 2022 and close off an amazing year for the Charity.

Winter Paddling

We have mentioned Winter paddling a couple of times before. Now is the perfect time to get the right kit. Add items such as a 5mm or 6mm wetsuit to your Christmas list or if you can a drysuit. Waterproof socks, neoprene boots and gloves. A new Buoyancy aid with pockets and a waist leash if a paddleboarder.

Be prepared to fall in, from either your board or boat. Hopefully, it won’t happen, but if it does, you don’t want to be come a casualty. Pack a hot drink and sugary snacks for when you return.

Make sure to check the flow rating of any water you are going to paddle and if possible the temperature as well. There is a website that publishes the temperature of a large number of waterways in the UK.

Christmas Shopping

There is still time to buy yourself or a close friend or family member a stylist piece of clothing from the AquaPaddle shop. But don’t wait to long to get your order in.