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Bibs And Donations

Friday 19 August 2022 | by Brett Scillitoe

If you haven’t already heard, AquaPaddle Maidenhead was a fantastic success. Lots of New AquaPaddlers and a brilliant Crew lead by Belle, their Captain.

Many at Maidenhead

There was lots of AquaPaddlers taking part in a mass start for the first time. You can always tell the Newbies by the sound they make. It’s a sort of high pitched squeak that gets repeated until the fleet moves apart. It’s a joyful sound of people having fun 😁

The conditions were perfect and all said they would be back to try and improve their time.

AquaPaddle Bibs

If you are enjoying AquaPaddle and intend to make it part of your paddling life, then why not invest in an AquaPaddle Bib with your Forever AquaPaddle Number on. It is naturally water resistant and won’t fall apart.

It also means that the Time Lord can easily see your number as you approach the line. The Crew can also spot you out on the water and make sure you are safe. There are a reasonable £15 (plus Postage) and £1 goes to AquaPaddle to help with the BlueSpace Session. Don’t forget to add your AquaPaddle Number, this can be found in “My Profile” once logged in.

AquaPaddle BlueSpace

We are delighted to announce that Paxton Design & Management Limited has donated £1000.00 to help with AquaPaddle BlueSpace and the promotion of our charity. The AquaPaddle Charity is what we are all about and helping others through safe access to the water and paddle sports. The owner of the company is a regular AquaPaddler and sees the benefit to themselves both at work and at home. They felt it was right to help via a corporate donation. Mental Health is as important at work as it is at home.

To read more about BlueSpace sessions and our charitable work there is now a Case Study on our BlueSpace page.

To make a Donation, large or small please click the button below.

Don’t forget we have AquaPaddle Southend and Hampton – Molesey over the Bank Holiday weekend. Enjoy!!