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Bib Colours And Logos

Monday 5 September 2022 | by Brett Scillitoe

This blog will give you some guidance about what colours to use if you are creating your own bib for AquaPaddle and the use of the Charity Logo.

Bib Colours

Where possible we encourage every AquaPaddler to wear an official bright yellow AquaPaddle Bib with their official “forever” AquaPaddle Number on. It means that the Crew can easily spot who is an AquaPaddler and taking part in the AquaPaddle.

We are happy for people to create their own numbers as we know times are tough. These can be laminated paper numbers or even your own bibs, printed locally.

However, the colour of the bibs needs to be Yellow. We have seen recently some Orange bibs privately printed. These AquaPaddlers can be confused with the Crew as they wear bright Orange and not get their time registered as they cross the line.

Additionally, if creating your own number, please print the Letters and Numbers on separate lines. This really does help the Time Lords see who is who, as the Letters are the first thing they look for.

The simplest thing is to either buy an official AquaPaddle Bib and help the charity or download the PDF of your Number, by clicking on the Download Tag button on the Profile page once logged in. Then printing it off as seen above.

AquaPaddle Charity Logo

AquaPaddle is a trademarked charity and that includes the logo. This can only be used on official Charity Merchandise. By having the logo on any garment or item, means that it has been approved by the Charity for use and meets our standards.

It’s great that the Paddling community is getting involved into all that we are doing and being very enthusiastic. However, if the logo is used unofficially on clothing and the like, this is a breach of the trademark and can lead to harm to the Charity.

If you want to create your own bibs, please don’t use the logo and if you could make the bibs Yellow. If you already have an orange bib including logo, please consider replacing it and why not give us a donation.