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Autumn Paddling

Thursday 20 October 2022 | by Brett Scillitoe

Autumn is one of the most beautiful and picturesque times of the year to paddle, but the weather can change rapidly.

Autumn Paddling

Regardless of what craft you paddle, the autumn is a rewarding time to be out on the water. The changing colours of the season, the misty mornings followed by bright sunshine can be stunning. The Weather plays such an important and critical part at this time of year. That is why it is important to be prepared and to dress accordingly.

In a previous email, we discussed the different types of cold weather protection. The rule really should be, expect the worst. It is better to be over dressed and have to take clothes and cold weather protection off, than to wish you had brought it with you.

With regards to the Weather and AquaPaddle, we need to stay flexible as there might be times that we have to cancel at the last moment, as it is not safe to run an AquaPaddle. As an organisation that caters for all levels, we need to be mindful of our most vulnerable and not put them into a position of danger.

This means that what is safe for an experienced paddler might not be safe for a beginner. In which case we will cancel the AquaPaddle. This could be just before the Safety Briefing on the day, when the local AquaPaddle safety team decide it isn’t safe to proceed. Their decision will be final. It will disappointing to some, especially if they have travelled some distance, but we cannot take a risk with AquaPaddlers safety. I hope you understand.

AquaPaddle Sunday

With the weather being changeable this weekend, we have 2 AquaPaddles scheduled, Southend and Hampton – Molesey. They are very different, but both very rewarding.

Southend in Autumn, on the coast can be beautiful and enigmatic. Big open skies with flocks of migrating birds passing overhead.

At Hampton – Molesey, the trees have started to turn and the colours on the water with the fallen leaves are just stunning, especially, with a little sunshine.

However, the forecast is for showers, so there could be a last minute cancelation, if these turn thundery and there is even a slight risk of lightning.

Text to Donate

If you are talking to your friends about AquaPaddle when out and about, and they feel they would like to support us in all that we do, whether it is the Charity Session, or for the Safety Equipment or to help improve the App. Then there is a very quick way for them to donate, there and then, by simply texting either 5AQUA, 10 AQUA OR 20 AQUA to 70085. They would then donate the equivalent in Pounds to the number they text.

For larger amounts they would have to use the links on the website homepage to Donate. Help us to help you have fun, get fit and stay safe, whilst all the time helping others, with physical and mental health.