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AquaPaddle Swansea, Plus Safety Advice

Saturday 3 September 2022 | by Brett Scillitoe

There seems now not a week that goes by without an AquaPaddle taking place somewhere. This Sunday it’s Swansea with our Patron, Emily King and her Crew. We will also be discussing safety and what you can wear, that keeps you safe and doesn’t get in the way.

The second AquaPaddle Swansea takes place tomorrow on the River Tawe. It’s a lovely location with plenty of interest for the paddler, whatever your craft. The route includes city bridges, old warehouses and wooded hills. There is plenty of parking. The weather is looking kind to us with the rain holding off for the event – Hopefully🙏

If you have registered and now can’t make it, please login and go to “Registrations” and cancel your registration. This will then free up a place for another AquaPaddler and let the Crew know that they don’t need to lookout for you and try and check you in to the AquaPaddle.

Safety Kit

With the rapid increase in the popularity of Paddle Sports, there has been a sad increase in the number of incidents and avoidable deaths. Whether on a board or in a boat, it is always best practice to have some sort of Personal Floatation Device. This can be as small as a Restube ( or a full Buoyancy Aid or Lifejacket. We strongly recommend you wear something.

I have heard the arguments about it being too hot or it gets in the way or it’s added weight. However, I think your life is worth wearing something, I think your family and friends would agree.

Here are some links to equipment choices
Standard Buoyancy Aids
Inflatable Buoyancy Aids
Quick release sup leash belt

Also for Paddleboarders, we strongly recommend a Quick Release Leash Belt. Please watch the ankle leash test below. It shows why they are a good idea, even on gently flowing water.

Donations for Safety Kit

Since we are talking about safety, we would like to see if you can help AquaPaddle keep you all safe. Part of your donations goes towards funding safety equipment such as the Radios and Defibrillators. Our aim is to make sure that each AquaPaddle has access to this equipment. It all costs. The radios are about £45 each and the defibrillators are about £1200.

If you can give a donation, however, large or small, it will help greatly make AquaPaddle the best it can be.