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AquaPaddle Continues To Remember Queen Elizabeth II

Saturday 10 September 2022 | by Brett Scillitoe

We at AquaPaddle hope you and your family are well. This weekend we celebrate the life of our late Queen Elizabeth II, by coming together, paddling and being the best we can.

Photo: Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II

It was with immense sadness that we learnt of the Queen’s death. As many have said, the only Queen and Head of State, that many of us have known. A leader, above politics, who we could all look up to. Whether a supporter of monarchy or not, she has lead this country amazingly well, right up to the end of her life, as she promised. True to her word.

She was also a great supporter of sport. Mainly Equestrian, but others as well. She has been with us in person or in song at all our national sporting occasions. The winning sporting heroes, singing God Save the Queen on the top step of the podium or by the crowd at great sporting events. She will be missed.

So, this Sunday, we will celebrate her life, by being the best we can. Coming together from all our different backgrounds, to enjoy the environment and the mindfulness of our sport and maybe be a little bit better than last time.

Two AquaPaddles

There are two AquaPaddles tomorrow, Maidenhead and Hampton – Molesey. Both are lovely routes, with plenty to look at. The weather is going to be kind to us and now with the new Watercraft feature on the website, you can now show what craft you used to take part. So, whether you are on an All round SUP or a K1 kayak, you are welcome to be part of AquaPaddle.

There is still time to sign up and take part. Don’t forget your waterproof AquaPaddle Number.

Donations help us all

Donations to AquaPaddle help us all. There are three main areas that the money goes towards. Free BlueSpace (Blue Therapy) Sessions, for people in need, Safety Equipment for all AquaPaddles and improving the AquaPaddle App, to give you more and better information about your continued performance, such as the recent Watercraft feature. Please give what you can.